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dialog module

 It is the module which does a pop of a message dialogue in Joomla!.

■update information

*2012/06/09 up ver3.2,ver 2.22 remove link of popup window.
*2012/04/11 up ver3.1,ver 2.21 bugfix cookie path.

*2012/02/10 version3.0 release!(for Joomla!2.5)
*2010/07/28 version2.2 release!
add setting(dialog width,information rows)

no transration
What is "Joomla explain site"

Bamboowaves work as WEB consultation,usually customizes WEB site-building in Joomla and production of the original component, Joomla as a Web business. This "Joomla explain site" shows information in order to spread Joomla more. I explain Joomla of the feeling that I questioned on a little that I watched from the inside of Joomla to a PHP source or a database.

I do Japanization of the overseas extension and the exhibition of the original component.


no transration

It is the joomla extention edition of the countdown Xmas tree.
It is possible to use it free of charge.

・The message set to the even number degree of Christmas is displayed.
・It snows when the night comes.
・The position of the ornament can be customized.

It is effective also to SEO measures because it becomes tag that contains my site link if tag is output from parts of me who put it.

Download Here.

・I modified that you can select "use?" button no display.
・You can change some captions (title,Days,h,min,sec) your self,any language.

・still count down to 7th,January.




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