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dialog module

 It is the module which does a pop of a message dialogue in Joomla!.

■update information

*Bugfix no store cookie at subdirectry path .

*Add config,width of dialog,rows of information text.(10/07/28)
*Add Mootools.js link.(09/12/24)
*Agreement text,Agreement checkbox add.more custumizeable.(09/11/26)
*There was a problem of the weakness of XSS, I revised a cord partly.(08/06/12)
Please download the latest edition.

■ The contents which you can display

* A title
* Message
*agreement text
*agreement check box
* Button 1, button 2

 ■ The contents which you can set
* A background color, the transmission of the background, the color of the message, the transmission of the message
* An action at the time of OK(I display another window closing DIALOG, and it is changed by URL)
* URL at the time of OK, URL in NG
* A timing to display a message(I am running out of a cookie, and there is no access of the guest)
* A cookie name, the cookie maintenance days
* Dialog width,Information text rows.

■ What kind of thing are you usable in?
*guide it to the registration page forcibly in a guest user.
*certify age.
*have a ranking vote sometimes cooperate.
*sometimes display an advertisement. How to use is more possible.

■ License
The license belongs to bamboo wave. You can use this module gratis. If you hide copyright of this module,please put link to this site anywhere.(enough from another site) 

■ A download The download from this place

For Joomla1.5 down load is here.
(Trouble might still be found. Please contact me when there is something. )

Joomla!2.5 version is here.

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Phani - Web Entertainer     | | 2008-06-14 11:09:52
it's very nice
Carlos   | | 2009-08-17 22:02:04
Could I add more buttons instead only yes or no buttons I mean that I would like to let the user choose between more options and then redirect to it. ¿Where should i look into the code

Thank you
Jessica Tanenhaus - Exactly what I needed     | | 2008-09-12 02:52:01
This extension is perfect if you need a quick, easy way to require users to agree to something before entering a site. It's easy to install, a breeze to configure, and simple to style based on the include stylesheet. The only extension that does exactly this!
Mark - owner     | | 2009-02-19 21:43:34
Can this be made to automatically pop up when someone first enters the webpage, as in they have to agree to enter the site. On the main index page?
bamboo - Yes,That's right.     | | 2009-02-20 01:13:01
For automatically popup,you should select triger "cookie" or "noauth" (by user login status).
cookie lifetime is 365 days.

This is a,you hope popup on index page,you set this module display at home.
charlie - removing the link   | | 2009-03-05 06:25:47
I would like to use this module for one of clients but they cannot let you have the link. Is there anyway we can remove the link back to you. We really appreciate your help in this regard and we will some for your project growth. ..please
bamboo     | | 2009-03-05 12:14:04
Thank you for use.
You may move the link to another site somewhere.
And, if it is possible, a article about this module can be introduce on your blog , it is glad.
Panda   | | 2009-07-31 01:04:04
This is a great extension, but is there anyway to configure to be used a form for email sign ups?

If I could change the current questions to a form this would be great!

mondaine - mondaine     | | 2009-08-29 03:27:11
thanks good module
kad - info on jdialog customization   | | 2009-09-12 16:04:52
I would like first to tell you that i checked all 3rd party "pop up" modules and none of them compare to yours, Good job.

I had a question regarding two issues i have note been able to solve:
1) can we have a large pop up window, in which we can write long comments that can even be scrolllable?
2) after pressing "Yes" we access the webpage, yet we can see the Module toolbox (on the left, if we didn t change the position), is there a way to remove that?

these are useful tips, if you have a commercial version which is more customizable i would love to pay for it.

thank you
Jeeves Moss - var width/height     | | 2009-11-03 07:12:49
is it possible to make the height/width var? I'm trying to use a txt file (that's the site's EUA) as the text part.
muskes - Feature Request   | | 2009-11-16 22:44:45
Very good module - is it possible to include a checkbox in the popup so that the user can check for example: don´t show this message again

QB - Really would be useful to be a   | | 2009-11-21 14:39:29
So, I'm trying to make a disclaimer page and came upon this plugin.

It just about does it, but it can't scroll and I can't put enough text into it to make a full disclaimer.

Please, please update this plugin to have a customizeable amount of space!
nack - Dont pop up ??     | | 2010-01-06 01:47:34
I Install it but how it pop up ?? ... it pop up only if i press the button at the module

bamboo - Do you press enter button at d     | | 2010-01-06 15:56:33
It seems that you've press enter button at dialog firsttime.

This module set cookie agreeded.cookie life time is default 365days.

Please,click [X]button at module,and reload browser.If popuped dialog, this module is active and has no problem.

Another case...
Do you use latest version?(latest is version 2.1)

Old version has same trubbles, no popup on IE,no popup at some component.
Jason - Scrollable area?     | | 2010-07-28 12:26:16
First off, I just want to thank you for creating such an awesome module. It's very simple to use and is a great help.

Others have asked, but I wanted to ask as well. Are there any plans to either have a variable width/height or to allow the text to scroll? It be very nice, since my EULA is rather lengthy.

Thanks again! Great Work!
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